Walter Bergmoser


After walking for hours inside the prison walls my strongest reaction to the existing remnants had been the few traces and signs of the former “inhabitants”. So I went on looking for all kind of traces and collected them in a kind of a scientific approach. The evidence I found has been collected and bottled in test tubes. Pigments from the walls, old fabric, some organic relicts (plants, insects…). Then i took photos like evidence images wrapped them in plastic bags. After these preparation the installation became slowly form. I installed all the test tubes on the ceiling, centered. They looked a bit like a soft warm summer-rain. So they danced almost at the height of eye- sight. Below them I arranged my research table out of the leftovers from my “collection”. Through the aesthetics and through the scientific approach it came to an excellent visualization of “prison- traces”. The museal and scientific approach is a chance for the viewer to deal with the past of the building and some- times maybe with his own past. This confrontation had been for me the main idea.