Sinopale 7 Call For Volunteers

This year, Sinopale 7 – the International Sinop Biennial, which has been happening for 12 years with the help of volunteering and contributing to the development of the city, will be held between 15 August – 20 September 2019. The support of the volunteers plays a very important role in terms of meeting the public for 12 years. Many people, from artisans to artists, from educators to students, take part in Sinopale.

Come and join in this team!

Task Descriptions:

Artist Assistant; the tasks of the artist assistants are: assisting the team coordinator, to help the artists during their production of the artwork and to help the local and foreign artists for their transfer to airport, their hotel check-ins, their transfer in the city and other things needed during their visit; to maintain their coordination with the biennial team and.

Exhibition Installation Team: the tasks of the exhibition installation team are to help the artists install their work and to make arrangements in the exhibition places under the circumstances that the artwork requires.

Production Team: the task of the production is to help the coordinators for all the events.

Film Making and Photography​ Team: the task of the film making team is to help the documentary film makinprocess and photography.

Visibility and Communication Team: The tasks of the visibility and communication team are to help the communication of the biennial conducted in both digital and printed media (Sinopsis, social media, web, archiving) and to support the production of the visual design products of the biennial.

Exhibition Supervisor: the task of the exhibition supervisor is to open and close the exhibition venues, to maintain the supervision of the exhibition places and to eliminate the deficiencies during the time the exhibition places are opened.

Note: Please state the suitable working dates for you in the sections related in the application forms.​

You can apply by filling the form:

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