Sinop Fortress: Built in 7th century BC in order to protect the city, it was used after restorations during the rule of Romans, Byzantines, and Seljuks. Today, it stands as one of the historic symbols of the city.

Balatlar Church: This building, believed to have been used as a theater or bath in Roman times, was transformed into a church by the Byzantine Empire. In 2000, the church was nationalized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and was opened to visitors.

Alaaddin Mosque: It was built right after Sinop was conquered, during the rule of the Seljuks. In the middle of its courtyard, there is a fountain, while there are tombs from the Isfendiyarogullari Beylik on another corner.

Pasha Bastion: It was built during the Ottoman-Russian wars on the southeastern part of the Sinop Peninsula for purposes of protection from the attacks coming from the sea, in the 19th century. The bastion, shaped like a crescent, is made of 11 cannon seats, an arsenal, and  a cellar. Today, it is a touristic establishment with restaurants.

Old Sinop Prison – Old Sinop Shipyard: The area where the prison is located used to be the biggest shipyard in the Black Sea during Ottoman rule. The prison, which was built on the old shipyard in the inner chamber of the fortress, was started to be used as a prison in 1887. Today, the prison is used as a museum.

Martyrdom: The Martyrdom located on the grounds of the Sinop Museum was made for the sailors who were killed in the 1853 Ottoman-Russian war.

Camp Grounds: Within the natural surroundings of Sinop, there are numerous camp grounds. Among those are Özel İdare Karakum Holiday Village, Gazi Forest Camp Ground, Yuvam Tesisleri , Güney Kamping , Martı Kamping  in the Akliman district, and  Demirkollar Kamping

Akliman District: Akliman, 9 kilometers west from downtown Sinop, is famous with its wide and long beaches. Picnic areas where the forest and the sea are intertwined are among the most important meeting spots of the city.

Hamsilos Bay: Hamsilos,11 kilometers away from downtown, was declared as a First Degree Protected Natural Area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. An untouched natural area where the sea and the forest are meshed together…

Mobil and Korucuk Village Localities: It is the area that is frequented the most by tourists with its peaceful sea and spotless beaches.

Akgöl: Located in the district of Ayancık, Akgöl is an area of plateau tourism. The artificial pond and its surroundings are used as picnic and promenade areas.

İnaltı Cave: Stairs for visitors are available in the cave, which is located in Ayancık.

Erfelek Waterfalls: These untouched waterfalls, 42 kilometers away from downtown Sinop, are located near Tatlıca village, located in the district of Erfelek. 28 waterfalls, varying in size, located a two kilometer long valley create a paradise-like atmosphere.