Roza El Hassan

My Gift

“My Gift” is one of my many projects, which deals with our imagination in relation to east and west; it is concerned with the unknown content of the gift. It looks at the gift as an expression of love towards the person that is receiving it and also examines the metaphysical, religious notion of a gift.

Placing an object, which is usually part of a private personal exchange, in a public space – an object, which is wrapped – is also dealing with political paranoia.

Will the city or community to whom I offer a gift believe me, that the content of my gift – the real one or the symbolic contact – has a positive content? Will it be accepted? Or is it just one of the suspicious abandoned objects in a public space causing fear? I’d aim to place a monument into a very complex field of mutual fears and affections through the white semi-transparent object of beauty and gracefulness.

“My Gift” is, in the form, as it exists at this moment, a photographic piece of work, which is based on my concept and object, made by Salam Haddad, a filmmaker from Baghdad, who lives in Budapest.