Renan Koen

The Giant Symphony Within Me

Everything starts by awakening, listening to the heart beats in the mother’s womb… with this confidence we create our own rhythm in time… and two hearts start to beat at once within the same body… We experience “harmony”, we shape and associate our connection to the outside for the first time. When we grow up, to stay bound to our reality is only possible by recalling this relationship. We take the belief in ourselves and our self-confidence from the power of our inner rhythm and our capacity to express it is complete, as long as we keep on hearing our inner rhythm. The real awareness and the ability to hear other people start again with ourselves, what balances our inner world and the outer world is again our inner rhythm, our melody.

“The Giant Symphony Within Me” started off with an age group of 7-10 year olds, 3 days a week, and turned into a wonderful discovery as the age and number of days expanded gradually. On the beautiful beach of Sinop, accompanied by the fishing boats’ sound “thucka thucka”, just in front of the port, inhaling the sea, we started our work that gets to the “core”. Some of them reticent, some of them curious, but all of them brilliant, together with the children first we listened to the music, then we felt it and we embarked on an internal journey. During this journey, at times pens and papers, paints, at times dance and the compositions coming from the deep inside “the symphony within ourselves” accompanied us and then the symphonies that started off alone gradually caught up in harmony and a giant symphony came off in time, happy. For happiness lies in discovering our own creative potentials, harmony and silence are hidden in our capacity to create. The real communication exists in our capacity to create our own reality as a result of the harmony that it brings out. At the same time we hear our own symphony in harmony with other melodies… and at the same time we find, hear our free melody – free: the state of loud realisation of the “core”*…

*“Free” means in Turkish “özgür”; composed of “öz” meaning “core” and “gür” meaning “strong/loud”.