*Lives in Berlin

The  Reinigungsgesellschaft project group stands for interdisciplinary art and consider contemporary art as a catalyst for societal and social processes. Contemporary art can, in relation with current political and social situations, change day-to-day perceptions and trigger a societal process through participation that gives people the power to act.
The video „Power to the city“ documents the project , which took place last year in a gym in Berlin as part of the exhibition project “Über Lebenskunst” in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Exercise machines were used to produce electrical power. The electricity was fed into the power distribution system. The clean electricity donation improves the ecological balance of the energy mix in the grid. The Energy from the gym helps to decrease the demand for conventional carbon or nuclear energy. The gym as a micro power station also supports the de-centralized energy supply and strengthens diversified and self organized structures.