Pervane Madrasah Handcrafts Bazaar

The building has been ordered to build by Seljuk Vizier Süleyman Pervane as amemorial of salvation of Sinop from anenemy attack in 1262. It has a grand entrance that shows the stonework of the period. It has a rectangular plan, South-north locations, a monumental entrance, 7 rooms, 10 classrooms, 2 iwans (a vaulted room with one side open to a court), and outbuilding. In of its two gardens there is a tomb. In the centre of the Madrasah there is an open-air courtyard with a fountain in the middle. This Madrasah had been run until the Republican period. After Ministry of Culture and Tourism allocated Sinop Governorship to use the building, the governor altered the use of the space and turned it into a handcrafts bazaar.