Nezaket Ekici


Performance Installation:

The artist (Nezaket Ekici) works on the act of liberation in an abstract way. She carries out an act of the self-liberation, while she frees herself by forcing her hair and in the end with the help of a scissors. She cuts herself from long ropes fastened at the roof and longing to her hair. While she cuts off a part of her hair, she dissociates from a piece of herself.

This work can be seen as a vital discussion about the question being held in a prison, characterizing the striving for freedom of former inhabitants. Particularly, because hair can be considered as a symbol of life. The body of the artist becomes a kind of puppet, locked up in herself, knowing, it is up to her to free herself.

The name of the Performance installation “Atropos” is related to the Greek myth of the Moirae, the three goddesses of fate. Atropos, who is one of the Moirae, splits according to the myth the fate threads of life with a scissors. She is so to say the master of life and freedom in itself.

As she is now tied up, the artist shows a way out by yanking out and cutting her hair. She takes fate into her own hands and frees herself. This performance shows out, that everyone can free himself from the fate threads, like Atropos did.

Equipmet: 100 white strings, 100 hooks, hairdresser, tailor, wood, light,

Duration of the Performance: 1 hour