Mürteza Fidan

To Be Flung From One Extreme To Another

Mankind is under the pressure of its hidden nature, he becomes the victim of everything demanding his body and soul, and owing to this, he at the same time is both more innocent and guiltier. He is more innocent, because he is dragged into an enormous unconsciousness by his soul. But he is more guilty than innocent, because everything he is bonded to on earth, the passion and dreams he possesses in his present life, get mingled with his moral decisions. As mentioned by Foucault: “Provoking the downfall of Human the Serpent which is the archenemy of Woman who is presenting the form of Sin, is at the same time a ransom for her in this world, the most valuable cure.” Doesn’t something that is a reason to sin or to die also have to be a reason to recover and to live?