Maria Cosmes Román


As an artist, my work has an intellectual and poetic side simultaneously; on one hand I am the anthropologist who is interested in the relationship between myself and other people and their reactions to certain circumstances. On the other hand, there is the artist who wants to establish a direct and aesthetic relationship with people who approach me and my work.

In my performances there are no concessions, there are a disquieting point, some disturbing and subtle, reflected cruelty of the cruelty that surrounds me; a critical and realistic glance to the life and the relations with the other.

“No title” is the complementary of “While we were weaving”, each one with its own entity that I usually perform together. Both are especially centered in the ambiguity of the relations. “While we were weaving” is centered in the sweeter and subtle aspects of violence in a relationship. “No title” seems more violent but has a more playful and ironic sense of humour. In this performance I interrelate the humour with dramatic elements, in an attempt to contribute thoughts about connections between individual and socio-relational, between power and relations with the individual. I do it through the insertion of the artistic action in a certain context, a town with a special historical significance and searching for the complicity of the contemporary residents in it.