Karen Geyer

*1976 in Konstanz. Lives and works in Zurich and New York.

Karen Geyer is an artist who, in her relentless eagerness to experiment, tries to extract sounds from resonant bodies she constructs herself. The sounds are for her far more than just frequency, amplitude, timbre and tempo. In her spatial sound installations she often uses shadow play, placing the sound-producing objects behind a scrim.
More recently, over the past five years, Karen Geyer has blended her sound explorations with oral history research, as she has been collecting interviews with elderly people from a German-speaking background. The title of her long-term research work is “Versuch einer Übersicht über das letzte Jahrhundert des zweiten Jahrtausends” (“Attempt at a survey of the last century of the second millennium”). Her activities have become well-known in New York City’s diaspora, so that people call on her to be interviewed, knowing they are the last witnesses of a time past.