Juliane Stiegele


Video, 12 min, silent 2002

A paper made skyline – a prominently human structure – is built, each of the skyscrapers affixed on top of the house of a snail.

First, these skyscrapers with the snails underneath them are brought into the familiar vertical arrangement of a skyline. From now on the course of action is left freely to the animals. During the following hours a process of disintegration of the starting image can be observed: the snails of course are not interested in always keeping their houses in an upright position, as they crawl across each other, mingle according to their own social structures, fall asleep, eat each others’ skyscrapers, disappear one after another.

The situation gradually changes from order to chaos and finally ends after all the snails having left the scene.

The real amount of time of the process was 3:56h

Dining Room

Video/DVD, 13:00 min, silent 2004

An eatable model of a dining room was built out of wafers. This object was left over to animals – four grey mice – to let them deal with this example of a human system of order according to their own intensions.

The video documents the process of deconstruction with- in five days.


Video, 4:30 min, 2004

A geometric body loosely connects two similar cars.

In this constellation they try to move forward.