Johannes Vogl

Ghost Light & The Night

At Sinop Johannes Vogl’s contribution consisted of two parts – a sculpture in a public space, and a room installation in Sinop prison.

“Ghost Light” shows a structure, built at the beach of Sinop, the northernmost point of Turkey by the Black Sea, constructed with objects found at a junkyard. It consists of a fire basket that could be lifted up a pole to the height of 12 meters, sending out a signal to the sea until the load of wood has burned down.

From this moment a video was made, showing the fire burning to its end. While the fire is getting lower, the sun rises and… nothing happens. At the installation, this video appears in a loop, sending out and receiving no answer; again and again, like in moments of “Waiting for Godot”, where energy is fired out and getting lost in space.

While this endless loop is shown, a little light circle, looking like a moon, appears on the wall of the exhibition space. “The Night” consists of a slide projector, in which a clock motor spinning drives a disc with a small hole. The light circle starts slowly to describe a helix over the whole wall and finally disappears again on the ground, just to start rising soon again on its first position.