Gue Schmidt

DO 28

In this installation a video- beamer is projecting a 60-minutes video of a river on the floor. The pictures were taken for example on the bridges in Austria under which the Danube is passing, starting with its entry into the political territory of Austria at the border to Germany in Passau, ending with the border to Slovakia near Bratislava. There are 28 bridges on the whole. The acoustic atmosphere accompanying this film collage consists of sounds, which were also recorded in those places where the pictures were taken. In the foreground there are mainly traffic noises, determining the acoustic mood. In some sequences even sounds made by the water can be perceived.

The sounds of the vehicles – which also seem like a sort of river to me – having replaced to a great extent the movement on the water – in this case on the Danube – suggest a certain type of movement.

The speed of the movement in the film differs from that of the recording, although both are part of the same reality. It might be that just this difference between the two is the loss we are all deploring in our silence moments.