The artists who will have “trace information” according to the concept text will meet their partners at their work site (districts and buildings). Partners will be citizens of different age groups and walks of life who will participate in the production process together with the artists within the scope of the conceptual framework. The artists and their partners will track down the memory and unearth the information that will feed the production together. This practice which will last 6 days in Sinop will culminate by the production of “artworks”. The artists may start the process beforehand by contacting their group if they deem that it is necessary.

“Local Development – Alternative Presentation Methods”

Hülya Karakaş (Turkey, Director and Performer)

Karena Jonhson (UK, Director)

Hande Sağlam (Austria, Musicologist)

– Alternative Presentation Methods

– Presentations Based on Body

– The Ways of Using Traditional Musical Forms in Contemporary Art

Gerze Municipality Theatre

Sinop Art Theatre

Workshop and Presentation

Poster for children workshop, Sinopale 2008

“City and the Site: Creative Industries, Local Development Model, City View”

Thomas Sevcik (Artesia, London Central Saint Martin School of Design and Art)

Kevser Üstündağ (MSGSÜ, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, International Urban Traffic)

Bahar Aksel(MSGSÜ, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, City and Art)

Related NGos, expert organisations, tradesmen in the city will participate in this workshop during which the city will be prepared and planned at international level, in relation with the future perspective, and the “city-brand” identity will be tackled through cultural-artistic cooperations.

Target Gorups:  Businessmen, tourism professionals, local authorities, NGO representatives

“Sinopsis Newspaper”

The “sinopsis newspaper” project which will be realised collectively by designers and local authorities will publish an arts and culture newspaper as a new model for sharing information relating to the city.

M. Mahir Namur (Cultural Manager)

Gökçe Dervişoğlu (Creative Industries Expert)

In collaboration with Turkish Society of Graphic Design