artcitizen’s shop

artcitizen’s shop: “A 21 days design shop”

The artcitizen’s shop, opened first within the scope of the parallel events of the 11th International Istanbul Biennial with the purpose of bringing together young Turkish designers with the international design environment will be opened again with the contribution of new names within the scope of Sinopale. This program intended for making “design” perceived by craftsmen who produce in Sinop, tackling forms considered as handcrafts within a design perception, and their production by using local motives, fabrics belonging to Sinop in a workshop with young designers will be realized with the participation of tradesmen, tailors, lace makers, fabric weavers located at Pervane Handcrafts Bazaar.

The target is to create special productions for Sinop.

Joel Andrianomearisao

Ümit Ünal

Kamer Altınova

Umut Südüak

Çağın Kaya

Yeşim Endes

Esra Kuli

Nazar Sigaher

Studio Punto- Ahmet Oklugil

artcitizen’s shop will be open in future ECOC and some European cities at different times.