David Rych

(*1975 in Austria), lives in Berlin
David Rych, born 1975 in Austria, currently situated in Berlin. He is working in changing media investigating topics of cultural and political transformation.
The documentary „Encounter” follows juvenile delinquents, who attend a visit to the high security tract of the penitentiary and is given an introduction to conditions within by experienced inmates – a group of prisoners serving long-term incarceration, who consequently take the position of educators. In the course of the encounter the prisoners may take the central stage to talk about their individual stories, but also channel their empirical experience and frustration towards the youth – so they carry away a lesson for life. The experiment gives a voice to the protagonists who, entirely part of a parallel society since years, carry anger and awareness that developed in long-term isolation – to give the youngsters a crash course in prison life as a prospective future scenario to be avoided.