Burcu Yağcioğlu & Ece Kalabak & Nazar Sigaher


This installation was constituted in The Sinop Historical Prison. The space of the installation had been one of the workshops, which had been used by prisoners to produce various craft products while the building had been used as a prison.

We had constituted a workshop in this space, which seems as if it is constituted in order to pro- duce something. However, in fact, it in non functional, in other words, it is not suitable for being used to produce a “thing”. We aim the spectators to perceive this space as a left over area of a real workshop that had been used by prisoners. However, the fact that this space is not actually a work- shop, but a work of art, reveals only when the spectator engages with the work and understands that it is not functional. We aim this installation to be perceived not as a work of art but as a remainder of the history of the prison at first.

In this context, with this work- shop/installation, we intend to link the past of the building in which it is used as a prison and the condition in which it is used as the Sinop biennial’s space.