Burçak Konukman

2 in 1 Together

Each day a fresh “agenda”, each day new “polemics”, we are at the peak of our political agitations. Our leaders are pointing us in certain directions. Aside from our choices, we are forced to make decisions favouring the one we feel to be the closest to us from the plate we are presented. Our lives, completely under the influence of mass media, are judged to be normal or abnormal according to the criteria of the existing system. Together with the subliminal messages* sent to our brains, we see that these choices are not made based on the free will of the individual. The media is spreading information pollution. Words and images get blurred. While the society is intentionally being transformed, should not the concepts of “normality-abnormality” be revised? Do we have to continue to live together with these images we are confronted with and with our brainwashers, even though the political tensions have reached a dimension threatening our mental health? If defending one party is considered to be “normal”, can we call the ones resisting this or the ones trying to steer clear of this, “abnormal”? We should not allow the elected “normals” to brainwash us and therefore to “abnormalize” us. Not permitting the figures inserted within our brains to rule us…

*Subliminal message is a sign or a message embedded within another object and is deliberately designed to remain outside the boundaries of normal human perception in order not to be recognized on the spot. Subliminal messages cannot be detected by the conscious attention of the person, but it is claimed that they influence the subconscious. Subliminal techniques are frequently used in advertising and propaganda fields. Matters regarding the aims, effectiveness and frequency of utilization of these techniques, are still under debate and questionable.