Aylin Kalem


Organon: Greek, instrument

This installation is based on the body-machine relationship. Although this relation has been one of the primary concerns of the humanity since its birth, it is re-visited in a contemporary fashion with the introduction of the ‘cyborg’ phenomena in the arts within the context of its relation to technology. Human kind used various tools in order to survive and to augment the capacities of the body. The evolution of the human body is determined by the technology it utilizes. The body is re-organizing itself according to the tool it manipulates. The perception is focused on the space between the body and the tool/machine. In this new functionality, where the body is extended, the body and the tool/machine can no longer be perceived separately. The relation of the two defines the new corporeality.

The screen consists of two sets of short videos presented side by side in two separate windows–one on various parts and organs of the body, and the other on various types of mechanical tools and objects. The relation between these simultaneously running films is interactive and random within the preset conditions. The user may control the speed of the body films with the help of the mouse. This interference, determines the succession of films. When there is no interference, the system runs by itself on a random basis.

L’entre-deux is created in 2001 in Paris with the collaboration of the University Paris 8 – Dance department. It is exhibited at the 3rd Performance Days organized by Dags+ and Istanbul Bilgi University in June 2003; at the Contemporary Dance Festival organized by Middle Eastern Technical University in March 2004 and at TECHNE 06 International Istanbul Digital Performance Platform organized by TECHNE in April, 2006.