Pınar Öğrenci

Lives and works in Istanbul. After earning her degree on architecture from Yıldız Technical University, Pınar Öğrenci continued to get her masters degree on restoration. She founded MARS in 2000 and continued her career as an architect until 2010. Öğrenci started her artistic career in 2010 and concurrently transformed MARS into an experimental art space where she organizes exhibitions mostly related to architecture. The artist prefers to work on urban and architectural themes in her photography and video works; she examines these themes as versatile and transforming concepts in a socioeconomic context. Sometimes she goes on fieldwork like a curious archivist to gather information about a location and then she conceptualizes this information in her work. Pınar Öğrenci, who has published articles in Turkish and French is also known for her curatorial work.