Johanna Reiner and Johannes Hoffmann

Tamirlik is a Site-Specific Workshop of Eintagsmuseum.
Eintagsmuseum is a trans- and interdisziplinary project. It was founded 2011 by visual artist Johanna Reiner and architectur- and arthistorian Isabel Termini. The sculptures are realised in collaboration with visual artist Johannes Hoffmann.
Museum as a Method and “Third Space”
Wherever the Museum arises – in an urban district, in a village, in a small town or as intervention within institutions – knowledge, experience and needs of people are highlighted. Questions emerge from people not from museumcollections. Peolpe are invited to bring and contribute with their objects, stories or subjects of concern. With souvenirs, photographs, documents, stories, but also noise and smells a temporary
museum evolves. It is also a implicit question of the social- political function the museum has to fullfill. We define museum as “Third Space”, a place for debate of issues and exchange of experience.
Artist and Curator. Studied at the School for Artistic Photography and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
Founder of the group of artists Her works focuses on spaces and and the stories they tell, as well as the concepts of private and public. Her site- and situation-specific installations and conceptual projects often involve communication and reflect her interest in social interaction.
Artist and Designer. Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. Works as Senior Artist at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since 2004. A member of since 2001; conceptualisation and design of spaces for the group’s “Issue” projects, as well as conceptualisation and realisation of many objects and installations. Also active as furniture and interior designer since 1997. Realisation of many unique pieces and interior architectures.