Franziska Koch

Franziska Koch, based in Zürich Switzerland, works on installations, film, performances and expanded art- and music-projects. Her works revolve around the question of how can places be shifted and expanded in their temporal-material structure and social significance. Among them Jack Black a gambling performances which inverts and transforms the rules of the game of chance into a music piece, curated by Dimitrina Sevova, Kunsthof Casino Zürich (2013); 5’05’’ 3 Renotations of 1 Act of Cleaning a Piano editionrelease with a recording of the cleaning process and material for interpreters to play, publisher Anna Frei and edition fink (2013); Temperatures an experimental approach to a spatial narrative within the memory of postsovjet architecture, Artisterium, Center for Contemporary Art Tbilisi (2011);Postfordismus / Fordismus a situational video in context to urban transformation of district 5 in Zürich, by Franziska Koch and Tim Zulauf (2010).
She plays bass in the music group Shanghai with Stini Arn and Monika Schori and in the experimental melodic noise group P.F.T. with Peter Emch and Tobias Oehmichen. Since 2003 she has been a lecturer in fine arts in artistic practice at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Jack Black, performance at Kunsthof Zürich, 2013 (in collaboration with Jacky Poloni)