Alparslan Baloğlu

Where Are The Hacıkadın Chickens?

According to the world poultry rearing literature Gerze Rooster and Hacikadin Chicken, which are well known to be a pure race originating from the Gerze town of Sinop, are described to be black with red forked and hornlike crests according to the world poultry rearing literature.

Gerze roosters crow in the morning, at noon, in the evening, two hours after sunset and at midnight regularly. They immediately recognize their owner, they are jealous, like to fight and protect their females. They are one of the rare ones of their kind to be able to fly up to 2.5 meters height.

Hacikadin chickens lay an average of 94-96 eggs a year. Their meat is delicious. Because its feet spurs are long it feeds in sitting position and this is one of its distinctive properties separating it from other races.

Their existence has gradually decreased due to the fact that their economical value/return in comparison to other meat and egg chicken is lower. Nevertheless the race is still preserving its existence among the social/cultural memory of the locals and rarely in some poultry rearing farms.

This series consisting of eight different Hacikadin chickens was printed in 42.500 copies and was distributed to the residents of Sinop during the biennial.